// Onnit Promos
This first series was built around a weekend outdoor photoshoot aimed at the 'active lifestyle' consumer. It showed the products being used in a recreational, on-the-go setting which helped reinforce the notion that it's intended for daily use - no matter where you are or what you're doing.
None More Black
// Onnit BFS '17
Taking inspiration from This Is Spinal Tap and vintage rock posters to create the 'None More Black Friday Sale'.
We also made exclusive t-shirts (inspired by Spinal Tap) for the Onnit warehouse crew. They were always the superstars of these giant sales so we thought it would be a fun way to prop them up and maybe even elevate their motivation.
'Heavy' Discounts
// Onnit BF Sale '16
We used one of our senior designers to portray Pete, the disgruntled deliveryman who had the unfortunate task of delivering all of the equipment purchased from our huge annual Black Friday sale.
Director: Design & Video 
Break's Over
// Onnit Semi-Annual Sale '17
It had been less than 6 months since we introduced our 'disgruntled delivery man' so we thought it made sense (and more fun) to continue the theme for the Semi-Annual Sale.
Director: Design & Video
A few of the video promotions our small but very talented team created in-house.
Series of Alpha Brain promotions
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