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Being big comic fans, we saw an opportunity to bring some of that culture to the Onnit brand with Marvel® and their Hero Elite Series. We collaborated closely to create three unique pieces of workout equipment based on some of our favorite characters. Each one was meticulously crafted with precise details to make sure they were not only representative of the characters but also high-quality, fully-functional pieces of workout equipment. 
The landing page for the Hero Elite Series was created as a continual scroll of comic panels with every image linking to corresponding products or content.
Iron Man  Kettlebell
A fully-functional, 40lb kettlebell custom designed and artistically sculpted after Iron Man’s iconic helmet.
Package design
Captain America  Barbell Plates
Custom, top-quality, urethane barbell bumper plates molded after Captain America's iconic Shield.
Custom developed packaging & design
Promo images from our photoshoot at Austin Books & Comics
Spider-man  Battle Rope
Custom designed, 40' battle ropes inspired by your friendly neighborhood super hero. With great training comes great power.
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