Being big comic fans, we saw an opportunity to bring some of that culture to the Onnit brand with Marvel® and their Hero Elite Series. We collaborated closely to create three unique pieces of workout equipment based on some of our favorite characters - and coincidentally the three Marvel® were promoting at the time. Each one was meticulously crafted with precise details to make sure they were not only representative of the characters but also fully-functional, quality pieces of workout equipment.  
The landing page for the series was designed to look like comic book panels. We created a continuous scroll of images that all linked to either Marvel® products or promotional content.
Iron Man® Kettlebell
Concept  |  Design  |  Development  |  Packaging  |  Digital Assets  |  Video Direction​​​​​​​
Package design
Video concept & direction
Captain America® Barbell Plates
Concept  |  Design  |  Development  |  Packaging  |  Digital Assets  |  Video Direction​​​​​​​
Custom developed package that functioned like a reinforced pizza box
Promo images we shot at a local Austin comic book store to promote the OnnitMarvel t-shirt designs
Spider-Man® Battle Rope
Concept  |  Design  |  Development  |  Packaging  |  Digital Assets​​​​​​​
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