Lucasfilm® collaboration
Star Wars x Onnit
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Concept & Development  |  Design
Most of our budget and time was invested in the licensing and product development which didn't leave a whole lot for web production. Fortunately it wasn't much of an issue since we hadn't intended on adding a bunch of bells & whistles to begin with. We wanted the products to be the highlight not the window dressing. We also wanted to be careful of crossing the line from cool, functional workout equipment to 'gimmick gear'. 
SW Kettlebells
These were the primary inspiration for us to partner with Disney & Lucasfilm. We knew, as far as custom kettlebells went, nothing would look cooler than the iconic SW helmets. And we made it our mission to prove it.
All about the details.
Repeated iterations were required to ensure all the details were in-place. We wanted the kettlebells to reflect our fandom and dedication to staying true to the original designs.
Package Design
One of my favorite parts of the project was concepting and creating the custom packaging for each product. For the kettlebells I got to design vector illustrations for three of my favorite characters.
This was one of the early rough box concepts that was inspired by the original toy packaging from the 70's & 80's. I even created a 'Kenner' inspired logo for the design that I had also hoped to use on t-shirts.  
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