Full Service Marketing
// HOTS  [ Heart of the Sun ]
Heart of the Sun is a full-service marketing and creative agency in Austin, Texas. To develop this brand identity, I drew upon inspiration from the founder's love of music, pop culture, and science fiction to create a brand that feels modern and nostalgic while maintaining a high-level level of professionalism.
Donation based yoga
// Black Swan Yoga 
When Onnit acquired one of the most popular yoga studios in Austin, I was tasked with the company's rebranding. We wanted to maintain the fun, energetic vibe that was synonymous with the brand, but also add a little bit of sophistication and polish to let members know that BSY was committed and serious about their yoga. 
Custom Creations
Each Black Swan studio was designed to have it's own unique style - Individuals that were all part of a unique family. We commissioned local artists to create a variety of murals and aesthetic accents.
Unconventional Training
// Onnit Academy & Gym
As the Onnit brand grew so did the need for an official, onsite gym. I created reflective styles for the Onnit Gym, The Academy, as well as 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu.
We converted one of our warehouses into a membership gym that included a smoothie bar, cryo chamber, sauna, and a workout room aptly named 'Sweat City'. We then converted the adjoining warehouse into a large-scale jiu jitsu studio (10th Planet). There was also a small off-site location that held classes and training (The Proving Grounds).
// Griffin Media
GM is a print based brokerage company located in Southern California. They built their business on paper printing so we came up with the origami griffin to represent the brand.
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