As Creative Art Director for Active® I had the opportunity to help reshape the brand and watch it grow into one of the leaders in the Action Sports industry. Over the years I was able to assemble a small, talented team that helped facilitate my visions and take our brand well beyond the competition.
Active / Active Ride Shop / Active Mailorder re-branding
Active Pro Team Ad Campaign / Concept & Direction
I wanted to create a different type of team campaign that focused on each rider's unique personality, rather than just the tricks they were doing - like in every other magazine. We had the most legit team in the industry, so I thought the best way to feature them was to celebrate their individuality. These were some of the spreads featured in The Skateboard Mag.
Creative Direction Chad Theetge |  Design Eddie Vasquez  |  Photography Atiba
A couple of the original spreads created for The Skateboard Mag
Billy Marks / Fallen promotional postcard
Active Mailorder Catalogs ('99-'08)  /  Creative Direction & Design
Active Summer Promo / photo & design
A sampling of a few tee graphics
Some of the early ads for Transworld Skateboarding
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