As Creative Art Director for Active® I had the opportunity to help reshape the brand and watch it grow into one of the leaders in the Action Sports industry. Over the years I was able to assemble a small, talented team that helped facilitate my visions and take our brand well beyond the competition.
Active / Active Ride Shop / Active Mailorder re-branding
Active Pro Team Ad Campaign Concept & Direction
I wanted to create a different type of campaign that shifted more focus to the team riders and their personalities rather than just the tricks they were doing. These were some of the spreads featured in The Skateboard Mag.
Creative/Art Direction Chad Theetge |  Design Eddie Vasquez  |  Photography Atiba
A couple of the original spreads created for The Skateboard Mag
Billy Marks promotional postcard
Active Mailorder Catalogs ('99-'08)  /  Art Direction & Design
Active Summer Promo / photo & design
A sampling of a few tee graphics
Some of the early ads for Transworld Skateboarding
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