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As Creative Art Director for Active®, I had the privileged opportunity to help reshape and evolve the brand into one of the most successful and influential leaders in the Action Sports industry during the early 2000's.
// Active Team Ad Campaign
I wanted a different type of pro team ad campaign that focused on each rider's unique personality, rather than just the tricks they performed - like in every other magazine. I felt the best way to showcase Active's top-tier talent was to celebrate and highlight their style and individuality. These were some of the spreads that were top featured in The Skateboard Mag.
Role:  Concept & Direction  |  Designer / Eddie Vasquez  |  Photos / Atiba
A couple of the in-house digital promotions we created to support the campaign.
Lead designer  / Sean Breaux
A couple of the original spreads for The Skateboard Mag
Billy Marks / Fallen promotional postcard
// Active Mail-order Catalog
We developed Active Mailorder from the ground up with basically a three man crew. At the hight of circulation we were producing over 500k catalogs 3-4 times a year and leading the skate mail-order market.
With the huge popularity of the Skate Catalog we expanded to include both a Snow and Girls publications.
Collaboration w/Shepard Fairey and top skate brands to benefit the 'Invisible Children' charity.
Some of the early ads featured in Transworld Skateboarding
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