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I grew up a child of the 80’s, heavily influence by the music, movies, TV, sports, and definitely the video games from the decade.
I loved to draw, paint, build, sculpt… anything I could utilize to funnel my creativity.
After immersing myself in art classes all through school, my love for movie making led me to study film directing at Pasadena Art Center. I was humbly accepted into the program based on a short film I diid while attending one of their night courses. **You couldn’t just shoot movies on your phone back then. You had to attend a class to create content. But I digress…
A couple years into the program my creative focus started to shift more toward design and the recent emergence of ‘multimedia’. I subsequently changed majors (after submitting a new portfolio) and joined the Fine Art department, primarily so I could take the new ‘Photoshop’ course I had become intrigued with. Not long after making the career switch I was blessed with the opportunity to become the Creative Art Director for Active Ride Shop ('99) and also assist with launching the newly developed Active Mailorder. It was an awesome and challenging experience that really allowed me to grow and develop my capabilities. It gave me the chance to work with an amazing group of people and help Active become a driving force in Action Sports Retail in the early 2000’s. We were also a pretty big deal and heavy influence in the Skate Mail Order space during that time.
After almost 10 years at Active I moved on to become the Art Director/Lead Designer for Anchor Blue, with the allure being to lead the team in reviving the company and re-branding their image. Unfortunately (or probably fortunately), the company abruptly chapter eleven-ed after only a few short months. That’s when I decided to start my own freelance brand, Artistic Fury. It’s allowed some great opportunities to work with an array of clients, friends, and agencies. The variety of work has helped inspire me to constantly expand my skillset and continually evolve.
In 2014 I went out to Austin, TX to assist some of my old Active colleagues with a new supplement company (Onnit) that they were transforming into a lifestyle brand. I eventually took-on the role as Creative Director and helped them grow annually as we explored creative and innovative ideas that pushed the perception and boundaries of the fitness market. It was another grateful opportunity to work with a great group of people and make some life-long friends.

(I hope that riveting career recap left you on the edge of your seat.) Anyway, I'm currently back home in Southern California, freelancing full time from Long Beach. Available for creation or consultation. I have the vision, experience, and knowledge to help elevate your projects or ideas. Let me know what I can help with.
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**All of the work featured on this site was concepted, developed, and created by me - unless stated otherwise.
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