Chad Theetge / Art Fury
I was the kid who was always drawing, coloring, building, or creating something. A child of the 80’s that relished in the culture and was heavily influenced by the music, movies, TV, sports, and video games from the decade. All through grade and high school my primary focus was always on ‘art’ and aspiring to a career in some sort of creative capacity. After graduating I determined the best way to funnel my creativity at that time was through filmmaking.
I went on to study film directing at Pasadena Art Center after being accepted for a short film I did while attending one of their night courses. After a few years in the program I started to become somewhat disenchanted by all the bureaucracy that appeared to take priority over the craft. Undeterred, I made the decision to utilize my other creative skills and re-apply to the Fine Art department so I could focus more on design. A short time later I was offered the opportunity to become the Creative Art Director for Active Ride Shop and also help launch the brand new Active Mailorder. It was an amazing and challenging learning experience that really allowed me to grow and develop my capabilities. I had the opportunity to work with a great group of people and help Active become a driving force in Action Sports Retail in the early 2000’s. We were also a huge influence in the Skate Mail Order space that we eventually dominated.
After almost 10 years at Active, I went on to become the senior/lead designer at Anchor Blue to help revive the company and re-brand their image. When Anchor Blue abruptly chapter eleven-ed, I started my own freelance design brand, Artistic Fury. It has facilitated great opportunities to work with an array of clients, some friends, and a couple of agencies. The variety of work has really helped me expand my skillset and amplified the desire to constantly learn.
In 2014 I joined some old Active colleagues in Austin, TX to help with a new supplement company (Onnit) that they were evolving into a lifestyle brand. I eventually took-on the role as Creative Director and helped them grow annually as we explored creative ideas and pushed the boundaries of the fitness market. I’m now back home in good 'ol Southern California, currently freelancing full time as I anticipate my next creative challenge. Feel free to hit me up.
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