Chad Theetge / Art Fury
Born and raised in Southern California.
Started my career in '99 as the Creative Art Director for Active as well as one of the originators of Active Mailorder. Had a great time making an impact on the Actions Sports retail scene in the early 2000's. Since then I've also done a lot of freelancing, consulting, some agency work, and most recently, Creative Director at in Austin, TX. 
I'm now back home freelancing full-time as I continue to evolve and grow creatively. Always learning. Always looking for a challenge. Hit me up if you have one. Cheers.

Creative Direction  •  Art Direction  •  Graphic Design  •  Advertising  •  Concept Ideation  •  WEB DESIGN  •  Brand & Identity Development  •  Digital Marketing  •  E-commerce  •  UI/UX DESIGN  •  Packaging  •  Apparel  •  Video, Photo Shoot Direction  •  Catalogs & Mail Promotions  •  Retail / In-store Merch & Displays  •  Storyboard  •  Illustration  •  Interior Design

**All of the work featured on the site was created and developed by me, unless stated otherwise. Thanks for stopping by.