Chad T. / Art Fury
So, I was the kid who was always drawing, coloring, building, or creating something
After high school I went on to study film directing at Pasadena Art Center following acceptance for a short film I did while attending one of their night courses. A few years into the program I subsequently made the decision to change majors in order to shift my focus onto design and the emerging multimedia. So, I re-applied, submitted a new portfolio, and joined the the Fine Arts Department ( primarily so I could learn about a sweet, new software program: Photoshop! ). Not long after making the career change I was blessed with the opportunity to become the Creative Art Director for Active Ride Shop ('99) and also assist with launching the brand new Active Mailorder. It was an awesome and challenging learning experience that really allowed me to grow and develop my capabilities. I got the opportunity to work with an amazing group of people and help Active
After almost 10 years at Active I went on to become the Senior/Lead Designer at Anchor Blue, with the allure being to lead the team in reviving the company and re-branding their image. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), Anchor Blue abruptly chapter eleven-ed. That's when I started my own freelance design brand, Artistic Fury. Working on my own has facilitated some great opportunities to work with an array of clients, friends, and a few agencies. The variety of work has really helped me expand my skillset and amplified the desire to constantly learn.
In 2014 I joined some old Active colleagues out in Austin, TX to assist with a new supplement company (Onnit) that they were evolving into a lifestyle brand. I eventually took-on the role as Creative Director and helped them grow annually as we explored creative and innovative ideas that pushed the perception and boundaries of the fitness market. It was another opportunity to work with a great bunch of people and make some life-long friends.
I'm now back home in good 'ol Southern California, currently freelancing full time from Naples Island (Long Beach). I'm available for creation or consultation. I have the vision, experience, and knowledge to help elevate your projects or ideas. Feel free to hit me up anytime.
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